Twitter Ads

The hashtag machine dressed up as a blue bird may actually be much more interesting to brands than we are used to thinking.
As we focus on Facebook and Instagram ads making, Twitter ends up being used only as a B2C organic interaction platform.
But it could be much more.

Why invest in Twitter ads?

Pricing is fair. There is no minimum investment and all campaigns are easily adjusted to your budget.

This makes the platform friendly to companies of all sizes. So what really matters is to come up with high end banner design which will conquer your followers’ hearts.

Twitter’s business session offers all sorts of support to the advertiser. Enjoy exclusive features, from campaign planning tools to tips on how to improve the performance of your ads.

Measure and analyze. Campaign follow up for continuous insights and analysis of your performance.

It’s pretty simple to be eligible for Twitter Ads. You just need high quality static profile picture and header. In case you use a URL that point to your product, it must also be active in your bio.

They can be just as interactive as any other organic post so, if you want to stand out, just nail those banner ads! That’s when you can count on Milagro.

Twitter banner size

If you’ve ever struggled with Twitter header dimensions, know that you’re not alone… So here are some tips to look good in front of your followers.

Twitter header size

To avoid having your header design resized (cause that absolutely sucks!), the exact dimensions are 1263 x 421 pixels. The size that Twitter recommends is 1500 x 500 pixels.

Remember that your profile picture is above your banner design, so be sure you are not using that space.

All this area has been delimited as profile picture because that’s the space where it can move around as the window being used gets resized.

Yeah, twitter banner dimensions are not that easy, huh? No worries, we can do that for you.

Check out our free animation twitter banner template

Nothing against starting things from scratch, you can do that here too, but for those days when you just don’t have the time… leave it to robots!

Don’t run into any issues, either with dimensions or the quality of your banner design. Count on Milagro.