Facebook Banner

UX is one of the most important pillars for successful Facebook Ads projects.
This means your banners must be planned to fit both desktop and mobile websites.

Different types of ads on Facebook

Zuckerberg’s brightest creation has its way of keeping people in it. Therefore, marketing strategies must be designed considering that the public you want to reach is probably scrolling down through Facebook right now.

But that’s old news.

The thing is that, in order to really reach your audience, your product must be well displayed. And which is the best way to do so?
Facebook currently supports a number of different types of ads, from photos to vídeos. You can also create carousel, slideshow and dynamic product ads.

Of course, creating them all takes time, effort and human resources: valuable items to any successful company.

Facebook banner size

Now that you know what you’re dealing with, it is time to get down to business. Set the language, choose your animation style and get your pixels right. But of course, decide the position of your ad. Is it a right column ad or a carousel one? Your choice directly affects the size of your banner and how you place the information.

Also, Facebook’s “stories” feature brings yet a new way of advertising on the platform. And that means new sizes and measures.

Having trouble finding out the ideal size for your Facebook banners and ads? Leave it to the tool.

Our software automatically adjusts the size of your banner to any ad server.

Creativity needs soul. Development needs Milagro

Come with new, awesome ideas for Facebook Banner ads, develop your own custom art and let Milagro build it. Go be creative. That’s what matters.