Display Ads

What, why and all the other w’s will be answered here. So, buckle up and grab your pen, cause it’s banner time!

What are display ads?

They all come in different shapes, sizes and forms, but have the same thing in common: the power to help you properly talk to your targeted audience.

So, basically, display ads are banners ads, however the banners design are, that appears strategically to whomever your brand is trying to impress. It can either be on a website or on a social media platform.

So go big or go home, cause your only limitations are the requirements of the network you are running your campaign through, and they are usually all about the display ad size. By the way, Google has a pretty neat guide for that - check it out!

Likewise, the formats are just as democratic: JPG, PNG, GIF and JPEG are all welcome on ads networks - HTML5, not so much though.

As for animated banners, they come with their own technical specifications. Image banners only need to be under 150 kb.

Why choose Animated Ads

Pretend you are browsing through some websites with ads, what would catch your eyes more: text-based ads or something more dynamic, like videos and HTML5 animations?

Hold that thought, because statistics are here to answer that.

A study in 2014, revealed that 82% of B2B marketers reported success with video marketing initiatives, either with clicks or conversions to their product. So, yeah, animations rock!

We’ll say no more and jump to the fun part: showing our miraculous ad creator doing it’s thing. Gallery!

The advertisers don’t have what it takes to produce in scale. They end up not reaching full potential of programmatic media.

Milagro is here to change that picture. Thanks to automated technology, now it is possible to scale and to design outstanding creative lines and convey even more humanized messages.