About Us

Cutting edge technology to create, innovate and improve.

Where did it come from?

In 2015, animated pieces were made with Flash. However, for safety reasons, HTML5 started being used as standard language for advertising.

It came as a surprise for the market and for web designers. The time that would be taken to learn this new language would directly impact productivity and, inorder to deliver everything in time, uality would significantly drop.

We started to think of a solution that would allow the production of pieces to be scalable focusing on the work of designers.

Milagro is automated, intelligent and intuitive. The designer doesn’t need to know programming and that gives them more time to think and come up with breathtaking pieces.

Our team

We are Brazilians and passionate about technology combined with creation. Our team consists of programmers who constantly work to improve the software and make new versions even more complete.


To empower people and companies by the use of an exclusive technology.

Our values

We value people’s time.
We understand the importance of freedom to create.
We feel the market’s pain.

WebSummit 2017

One of the biggest tech conferences in Europe (and in the World) has invited us to participate as Alpha Startup, so we could show our idea to the public.

The people were really impressed as we showed our features. By the time they took our tool for a spin, the general reaction was “Is this real?”.

Startup Grind 2020

The world’s most important startup event gathers new companies from all around the globe to expose their fresh ideas and unleash their potential.

Among the guests, there are spokespeople from major companies from the business world. Lecturers talked about the use of IA and technology to scale their production and improve UX.

Milagro is all about it. The global version of the conference offered positive connections between producers and investors.